The González Firm, LLC

Bringing to his duties as a special master a work ethic and temperament uniquely suited to the task, Mr. González has developed a reputation among judges and lawyers alike as an able and fair-minded judicial adjunct. In every case in which he has served as a special master, the appointing court has expanded his responsibilities beyond the scope of the initial referral and referred new matters to his attention. Whether issuing reports and recommendations, managing the implementation of remedial degrees, or facilitating the negotiations needed to resolve complex legal matters, he provides knowledgeable, just, and speedy resolution of the issues referred to his care. He has supervised the expenditure of over one-and-a-half-billion dollars in court-ordered remedial relief, and his skills at complex case management are such that in two significant cases that had endured for a generation and more, he was able to present the court with consent dismissals at the end of the oversight period.

The decision to appoint a special master means that a case is invariably complex and time-consuming for the court and the parties. Using a special master only makes sense if in so doing the efficiency with which a case is handled can be increased. Serving as a special master requires integrity, discretion, knowledge of the law, and the exercise of good judgment. It also requires that the assigned work be attended to in a manner that allows the case to move ahead in an orderly fashion. Mr. González’s many appointments as a special master, as well as the recognition of his colleagues by virtue of his selection as President of the Academy of Court of Appointed Masters, attest to the fact that he brings these qualities to bear in each and every case entrusted to his care.