The González Firm, LLC

Widely recognized for his expertise in monitoring the implementation of complex remedial decrees and court orders, Mr. González has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to secure the parties’ full compliance with judicial directives in a timely manner. His work as a court monitor is distinguished by his skillfulness in engaging with lawyers and stakeholders, whether they be private litigants, governmental officials, public agency heads, or corporate leaders. He aims to create an environment that encourages cooperation and shared purpose, and, by doing so, facilitate the oversight and implementation of court orders. His success in this regard led United States District Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr., to remark that Mr. González is a “miracle worker.”

His first appointment as a judicial adjunct came less than four years after graduating from law school. The appointment required that he monitor the implementation of a multi-hundred-million-dollar remedial decree reforming public higher education in Alabama. The appointment lasted fifteen years. In the end, the parties, including the United States, presented the court with a consent dismissal. This result was repeated in Tennessee where Mr. González was appointed by the United States District Court to oversee the implementation of a vast remedial decree designed to purge the state’s collegiate system of the vestiges of segregation from the Jim Crow era. The case had lingered for more than thirty years, but Mr. González was able to secure the voluntary dismissal of the case upon the successful implementation of the remedial decree he negotiated as the court-appointed mediator.

Mr. González brings to his monitoring work a commitment to success, the creativity to resolve problem, and the integrity to be viewed by the parties as a fair broker.