Mediating During Covid-19

This is no ordinary time. Who would have thought the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and several state supreme courts would declare judicial emergencies and encourage judges and their judicial staffs to work from home, to limit jury trials to only the most exceptional circumstances, and to utilize video and telecommunication conferencing technologies as much as possible. These uncertain times don’t just affect courts and lawyers; there are profound consequences for clients as well.

Dockets have slowed, but clients still expect their cases to be resolved efficiently and in a timely fashion. Even in these difficult moments when social distancing is essential, mediation nevertheless retains the potential to bring disputes to a speedy and acceptable resolution. Finding the right mediator who can adjust to the current environment, however, is essential. At The González Firm, LLC, we have extensive experience in successfully mediating cases of all sizes and complexities through telephonic and electronic communication processes.

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